Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Max Clifton
President of Canada
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Hazel/Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height 6'4
General Information
Family: Sarah Clifton
Affiliation: Canadians
Fate: Alive
Home: Ottawa,Canada
Books Appeared: The Encounter, The Revenge
Books Mentioned: The Encounter, The Revenge


Max Clifton is a tall, brown haired, male with hazel/green eyes, pale white skin, and a slim, lanky, lean body.

In the BooksEdit

The EncounterEdit

He first appears when he is being inaugurated as Canada's new president. He is attacked by Vanessa Blackmoore, a vampire, who is out to get rid of Canada's government. He is quickly protected by his Secret Service agents, and resuced from the vampire. Afterwards he is seen thinking about his attacker, who at the time he had no idea who she was. 

More to Come

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